Starting at the Finish Line

RUNNING TO THE START – Just finished an interview about the Coolangatta Gold for the local paper and had an epiphany moment.


“What did you feel like at the end of the race?”

Many times in the past I felt melancholy and depressed when I finally crossed the finish line of a goal that had driven me through months of training. This time the arriving at the finish line felt like arriving at the start of something even bigger. To me this Blue Journey that talk about and live is about an ongoing quest to connect to the oceans and then to share the stories and knowledge gained from the experiences to inspire others. The mission is to make a positive impact on how we feel, think and ACT towards our oceans. Forget awareness. We need action, and I feel actions become ongoing behavior when they are associated with a positive emotional response. At 48 I got to realize the dream of my youth, and at the “Finish” line I glimpsed even greater things ahead. How cool is that?

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