Enough is Enough – Race Like a Kid Again

I spoke to a group of Rotarians last week and talked about howDSCN1646 questions of “Enough” evolve with our age.  I remember jumping into my first marathon at age 16 blissfully ignorant of any need to fear that I had not trained enough.  Six weeks ago at age 48 I found myself on a beach on the Gold Coast of Australia about to paddle out to the start of the iconic Coolangatta Gold Surf Life Saving Iron Man.  Despite years of dreaming, planning and training I felt an almost debilitating sense of fear, utterly convinced that I had not prepared nearly enough.

At each new finish line I have always realized “Enough was Enough,” and that 48 year old should have taken a lesson from the 16 year old.  No matter how advanced our training plans, smartphones or watches the only measure of “Enough” that matters is the one that can’t be quantified and uploaded.

jpeg2015 Resolution 

I will let the “Old” me write the training plans, but I will let the “Young” me start the race.

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