Strength, Knowledge and Wisdom-Protecting & Respecting the Mission, Our Tribe and Your Oceans

IMG_7060I have been around since before even the spelling of “Tri-Athlon” was finalized.  Now I have watched the second triathlon boom and stayed relatively silent asP1090768
those in the business of triathlon have created programs, events and products that in the least are wasteful and at the worst dangerous to others. I feel the need to post the core mission of our OC Swim Club and to say that we will always strive to raise the bar in creating safe and empowering experiences in the ocean that can impact you positively long after you leave the shore. We maintain our own insurance policy to protect everyone we touch. We qualify, engage and PAY only the best ocean lifeguards and coaches in the area because we do not value your dollars over your safety. From our experiences in oceans around the world we know that one doesn’t judge the safety of the ocean by a singleIMG_7053 glance and ocean professionals KNOW that wind, weather and waves can go from placid to life threatening in minutes. As you choose who you trust with your ocean experiences this and any season don’t assume that exorbitantly expensive clinics and events are safer and more valuable than a $15 drop-in with the OC Swim Club. Please also know that NO multi-sport or single sport coaching certification agency will ever teach in a classroom or online over a handful of hours the strength, knowledge and wisdom that we have collected from years spent connected to our oceans around the world.

PrintOur Mission:
To create opportunities for others to discover their own place in the waters around us as swimmers, triathletes, paddlers, surf life savers or ocean advocates.
To positively impact how we feel, think and act towards our oceans.



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